What is the Cost of Skydiving Around the World?

For beginners, skydiving can be a challenging and a fearful thought but when you do it, you realize, it is going to be the experience of the lifetime. Will Smith, who had a similar experience on its first skydiving quoted – “Everything up to the stepping out, there’s actually no reason to be scared. It only just ruins your day. The best things in life are on the other side of terror. On the other side of your maximum fear are all of the best things in life.

More many, skydiving turns out more of a spiritual experience than fun, especially when you do it on your own without a tandem. In terms of choosing the best spot to skydive, many people think Dubai to be the only place, largely because of its popularity in movies and its marketing. In reality, there are other stunning places, where you can skydive and have a perspective from a whole new angle. If you are a pro skydiver, you will find something to your satisfaction.

What is the Cost of Skydiving? Speaking of the cost of skydiving, it is usually between approx. $250 to $450 depending on your location. The cost increases, if you take a skydiving training beforehand, which will cost approx. between $500 to $3000.

Here’s the Cost of Skydiving in World’s Popular Locations

01. Mount Everest, Nepal (approx. $320)

Tandem Jump – 12,500 ft.

If anybody ever wanted to skydive, it’s either Dubai or Mount Everest. Being the most popular skydiving destination, the adventure doesn’t come cheap. If you can’t climb the summit, at least you can view it from above 12,500 feet.

02. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai (approx. $120)

Tandem Jump – 14,000 ft.

Dubai is probably the most popular spot in this list for skydiving. From professionals to celebrities and newbies, if anyone has ever done skydiving, it’s here. Looking over the Palm Jumeirah from 14,000 ft and its grandeur infrastructure with its city heights is a great experience to have in life.

03. The Namib Desert, Namibia (approx. $180)

Tandem Jump – 12,000 ft.

How about skydiving on a desert for a change in perspective! Watching the sand-dunes from above is a rare experience that everyone who covet. The Namib Desert is one of the favorite spots for tandem skydivers and is also one of the most budget-friendly places.

04. Denarau Island, Fiji (approx. $300)

Tandem & AFF Jump – 12,000 ft.

Well, skydiving on an Island will surely leave some unforgettable memories. Fiji is a popular honeymoon destination, and surely you will enjoy if you both skydive on Fiji.

05. Fox Glacier, New Zealand (approx. $260)

Tandem Jump – 16,000 ft.

Although jumping off a plane over mountain peaks is a great experience and probably the most popular is Mt. Everest, Fox Glacier is yet another popular landscape considered as one of the best spots to skydive by professionals.

06. Pattaya, Thailand (approx. $250)

Tandem jump – 9,000 ft. and Fee fall – 13,500 ft.

Thailand is the ultimate budget travel destination in the world, and it has to offer everything a tourist would want. Pattaya, Thailand offers some of the best international standard skydiving training and tandem jump from over 13,000 ft. Rest assured, the landscape of Thailand is as beautiful as Switzerland.

07. Grand Canyon, USA (approx. $200)

Tandem Jump – 10,000 ft.

Even the thought of skydiving on the Grand Canyon gives me chills. Like skydiving on Mt. Everest, Namib Desert, Victoria falls, the Grand Canyon gives a one-of-a-kind experience. Obviously, you have to have earlier skydiving experience to realize how unique is skydiving on the Grand Canyon.

08. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (approx. $210)

Freefall jump – 13,000 ft.

Take a free fall jump at the Rio de Janeiro during the Carnival, and you might get your inspiration. When you are looking for beauty and inspiration, Brazil is the best place to skydive. Both newbies and experienced skydivers would find it elevating.

09. Interlaken, Switzerland (approx. $390)

Static line, AFF Jump – 14,000 ft.

Switzerland has some beautiful landscapes and is appreciated by many travelers; imagine taking it all that above 14,000 feet and you get Interlaken. View the snow-peaked mountains, green landscape, blue lakes and the gush of the cool breeze against your face in Switzerland.

10. Victoria Falls, Africa (approx. $270)

Tandem Jump – 10,000 ft.

Another unique experience of skydiving on a waterfall, and not just any waterfall, it’s the Victoria Falls. The place itself is as beautiful as heaven, and people love to watch Victoria Falls. Even more beautiful experience would be to skydive from over 10,000 feet.

11. Snohomish, Washington (approx. $240)

Tandem Jump – 13,500 ft.

Snohomish is one of the most popular spots to skydive in the US. The view is breathtakingly picturesque, and the experience in itself is quite thrilling. When you travel to the USA, don’t miss out a jump on the Snohomish in Washington.

12. Oahu, Hawaii (approx. $250)

Tandem Jump – 12,000 ft.

At Oahu Hawaii, you can even Halo jump from 20,000 ft, but the tandem jump from 12,000 ft is the most popular. Rarely anyone skydives in Hawaii, but those who did were left thrilled of its beauty and elegance.

13. North Wollongong Beach, Sydney (approx. $280)

Tandem Jump – 14,000 ft.

For professional skydivers, Australia is in the first spot of their bucket list. Skydiving on the Wollongong Beach is a unique experience as you are fall in between half of land and half of the ocean. It would surely be a thrilling experience for first-timers.

14. Bled, Slovenia (approx. $220)

Tandem and Freefall Jump – 13,200 ft.

If you are doing it for the first time or you need a skydiving license, Bled, Slovenia is the best place to do a paired skydiving with experienced professionals. Slovenia is also a budget-friendly place to skydive and visit other tourist attractions.

15. Pacific Coast, California (approx. $220)

Tandem Jump – 13,000 ft.

Skydiving on the Pacific Coast over the city heights is one of the most challenging and for some scariest skydiving spots in the list. However, for enthusiasts, flying on top of California is pure joy.

16. Queenstown, New Zealand (approx. $220)

Tandem Jump – 15,000 ft.

New Zealand has numerous skydiving options, and Queenstown offers some of the stunning views for skydivers. Many tourists flock here for a tandem skydive at Queenstown, and the picturesque landscape just makes you forget all your fears.

17. Cornwall, UK (approx. $200)

Tandem Jump – 15,000 ft.

Cornwall is the most popular and beautiful place to skydive in the UK. For newbies, there can’t be a better place than Cornwall for a safe, adventurous skydiving experience. The wide landscape will surely make you fall in love with Cornwall.

18. Space Coast, Florida (approx. $200)

Tandem Jump – 15,000 ft.

Space Coast is a popular skydiving location for tourists and Americans. It is also the most opted skydiving by first-timers in the USA. In the Space Coast, you fly over lakes, Greenlands, with patches of small peaks and the city heights.

19. Cape Town, South Africa (approx. $200)

Tandem Jump – 13,000 ft.

Cape Town is a popular tourist destination for sightseeing, shopping, and other water activities. However, few know that it offers some of the best skydiving experience from a height as low as 9000 feet. If you want to jump with a view of the sea, Cape Town should be on your bucket list.

20. Quebec, Canada (approx. $240)

Tandem Jump – 18,000 ft.

Quebec offers a range of fun activities for tourists and is a popular destination on its own for its city culture. Here, you can tandem jump, try parachuting, do solo jumps or assisted jumps from nearly 18,000 feet high.


Like you can see, skydiving isn’t expensive, but it does scare people off, and many have never skydived in their life and probably never will. But, we would like to say that it is safe and you can take training with over 45 jumps to become a solo skydiver. Moreover, you can always take assisted jump to experience the landscape. All you have to do is just do it once, and then you will get addicted to skydiving.

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