What is the cost of one carat diamond?

Purchasing a jewel is confusing. Superficially, it appears as though nothing bodes well. A lot of diamond jewelry is found online and offline at different prices and sizes. They’re both one carat precious stones. Does it bode well that they’re a similar size, yet one expenses $1,179 and the other $16,500? To make it much crazier, the jewel in offline store may really be a high value!

In this article, we will dive into the details that decide the cost of a one-carat diamond. It’s vital to know this so you can figure out what is critical for you when making this buy. Before you get into estimating and what is a reasonable deal, you need to recognize what you need and how to make certain you are getting what you are paying for. You have to ensure you are following the procedure to guarantee you aren’t getting misled. It’s hard making sense of the amount you ought to spend on a jewel. It’s similarly as hard making sense of how to get the best value for your money.

How much does a one-carat diamond cost?

A 1 Carat Diamond basically refers to the heaviness of the precious stone. 1 Carat measures up to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. To place it in context, a 1 Carat Diamond weighs generally equivalent to a fourth of a raisin. As far as pricing is concerned, precious stones are altogether estimated per carat. For instance, a 0.50 carat precious stone may have a cost of $1,400 per carat. The precious stone’s cost for the stone would be $1,400 x 0.50, breaking even with $700.

What’s more, precious stone costs per carat rises as you achieve higher weight ‘categories.’ Diamond costs increase exponentially with weight because of the jewel’s higher weight value and the more expensive rate per carat for the expanded weight classification. For instance, a 1 Carat Diamond may be valued $4,615 per carat, while a similar 2 Carat Diamond may be at $7,390 per carat.

We stretch the word ‘classifications,’ as costs per carat don’t consistently increase as weight increases. Jewels are retail items driven more by feeling than reason.

Despite the fact that it might appear to be profitable to search for a jewel that is simply beneath another weight category, for example, a 0.90-0.99 Carat Diamond—that truly isn’t the situation. The look for a “very nearly” 1 Carat Diamond has turned out to be extraordinarily well known. This popularity boosts the cost for those specific jewels—making the cost funds insignificant. Eventually, you can scan for a 0.90ct+ precious stone, however we suggest not attempting to discover one specifically, as you’re constraining your search potential without extremely saving anything.

Diamond valuing is frequently subjective– on the grounds that with precious stones, it’s about emotions. This quirk of “sentiments” inside the diamond business is the sole reason there are numerous poor cut diamonds available.

One carat diamond pricing factor

Diamond costs change every day, much like gold or antiques? These price variations can be caused by market drifts, the time of year, and so forth. Notwithstanding economic situations, diamond shapes and diamond grades affect the cost. Diamond shape refers to the 10 famous precious stone outlines. The value contrasts between shapes differ considerably because of interest and manufacturing costs.

4 Cs of precious stone

The 4 Cs of jewels – cut grade, carat weight, color grade and clarity grade all add to the cost of a diamond. Each diamond has its very own remarkable properties, defects, and wonders – much like a snowflake has its very own interesting structure. For diamonds of given carat weight, the cut grade has the biggest impact on value, since it’s the best single pointer of a diamond’s splendor and excellence.

Clarity grade and color grade have less of an effect on a diamond’s splendor, yet can at present fundamentally affect cost. Clarity grade alludes to a diamond’s regular incorporations or scarcity in that department. With clarity grades, the difference between VVS1 (very very slight inclusions) and IF (internally flawless) can enormously influence the cost however reduces the look of the diamond.

Color grade refers to the color of light a diamond reflects, from unadulterated white to yellow. Unadulterated white diamonds are valued at a higher cost than normal, and you can discover major price reductions going from a colorless jewel to a faint yellow precious stone. In case, you’re willing to forfeit on color grade, you can generally get a higher cut review and carat load at a lower cost.

These variables differ significantly from one diamond to another. The specific mix of every 4 C grade just as details, for example, diamond symmetry, polish, and fluorescence, help in knowing the diamond’s value.

Diamond shape impacts cost

Round diamonds, in contrast with fancy shaped diamonds, likewise have higher manufacturing costs and higher demand. With regards to fancy formed jewels, pricing varies relying upon the rarity of the stone. For instance, Asscher jewels are available rarely and hence they are expensive. High graded emerald diamonds carry a higher price rate while princess cuts have a lower cost for every carat than rounds because of less waste in the cutting procedure. In case you’re searching for a reasonable choice, ovals, marquise, trillion, and pear diamonds in a single carat are additionally commonly more affordable because of lower demand.

Understanding the 4 Cs

Choosing which characteristics matter most to you personally can enable you to spare a lot of cash when purchasing a diamond. The most essential thing is that you and your partner love the stone you’ve selected, yet it helps if you feel certain realizing you’ve discovered a lot. Make sense of which components of a precious stone are most imperative to you, and limit the choices until the point when you locate that ideal diamond!


The carat load of a jewel is another measure that influences the price of the diamond. One carat is what could be compared to 200 milligrams. It is hence simple to see that there is a relationship between the carat weight and the size of the diamond. Notwithstanding, the carat load of a diamond does not generally decide its size. Similarly, as a short individual can weigh in excess of a tall individual, a 1CT precious stone can be littler than a 0.90CT jewel with a more profound structure or more extensive circumference. These distinctions are difficult to recognize with the bare eye.

Many consider the 1 CT diamond to be the best carat weight for a middle stone on a ring. This is particularly so while choosing engagement rings. The diamond which is 1 CT or higher will, in general, be increasingly costly that littler jewels. That is on the grounds that bigger diamonds are a significant rare find, and consequently, order a more expensive rate than their littler partners that can be found effectively.

Numerous reasonable customers have selected to buy rings that are marginally beneath the one-carat stamp and have spared thousands. A 0.95CT ring is nearly as noteworthy as a 1 CT ring. Indeed, the distinctions are minute to the point that it is difficult to recognize without the help of a prepared diamond expert.

Other judicious customers have obtained rings with bunches of a lot littler precious stones. You will pay altogether less for a ring with various 0.25 CT precious stones, than for a ring with just a solitary 1 CT jewel. This is so regardless of whether the combined load of all the small diamonds is equivalent to or more than 1CT.

How to get the best value of diamond for the least amount of money?

You can purchase a similar diamond for half less – it’s just inconceivable. In any case, you can purchase a comparative looking jewel, one that you can’t differentiate for half less – that is possible! At the point when professional diamantes are assessing a diamond, they take a look at in excess of the characteristics. Furthermore, these are things that notwithstanding when precious stones are set one by the other – you won’t be able to differentiate. Also when the diamond is mounted. So, why pay additional for things you can’t see?

Here are few tips and they work whether you are searching for a 1-carat diamond ring, a 2 carat or a half carat:

01. Go Below Weight Classes

In the event that you are searching for a 1-carat jewel, think about 0.95ct. On the off chance that 2.0 carat, think about 1.90ct. Same goes for fracture – if you were searching for a half carat, consider 0.45ct and so on. The diamond weight is one of the greatest and easiest approaches to reduce costs. It will be easier to simply say that jewels are valued per carat and the cost per carat increments as the weight goes up – this signifies “double” increase. The outcome is that while a decent quality 1-carat jewel will cost $6,000, a similar quality diamond weighing 0.90-0.95 carat will cost about $4,000! That is a 33% rebate!

02. Diamond Color 

Diamond color refers to how colorless the jewel is. D shading is perfect, the most astounding grading and Z are the least. On colors I and underneath you’d as of now begin seeing the yellowish tint. Be that as it may, except if you have Superman’s vision you won’t have the capacity to reveal to D color from an F color diamond or even a G color diamond.

03. Diamond Clarity 

Diamonds are not impeccable and clarity refers to the incorporations inside them. There are different sorts of considerations from dark points to fractures. The grading reveals to us how huge and how unmistakable these incorporations are. Our objective ought to get precious stones with incorporations that are not unmistakable to the bare eye, that except if a magnifying glass is utilized you won’t have the capacity to see them. This implies you can plan for an SI1 clarity diamond.  

04. Diamond Shapes 

Have you heard that don’t go for the square. Well, I am saying just the opposite of that. Round diamonds are unmistakably more costly than other shapes, for example, oval, pad cut and even princess cut. Select a precious stone shape that is aesthetically engaging. Guarantee the sort of setting you need is complementary and physically secure for the shape.

05. Diamond Cut – Never Settle 

This is the place we don’t spare! It is the main place where we instruct you to try and pay for a phenomenal cut jewel. The premium isn’t that high and we love diamonds that radiance! The main concern is a 1 carat round D Flawless diamond would cost $12,500 – $15,000. What’s more, a 1 carat round diamond like the A G color, SI1 Clarity and Excellent cut would cost $6,000. (what’s more, a pad cut about $3,500) Easy savings!

Where you can purchase a 1-carat diamond? 

The universe of diamond merchants is immense. However don’t give that a chance to scare you. Some high caliber and genuine jewel venders can be discovered on the web and in stores. For 1 Carat Diamonds, we prescribe finding an online merchant as they will in general have a bigger selection of value 1 Carat Diamonds than neighborhood stores. With the online alternative, you have a more prominent shot of finding a dazzling diamond at a remarkable cost.

  • James Allen: 18+ long years  of experience, high quality certification from GIA and AGS, appealing costs, best in class diamond symbolism, end-to-end customer experience.
  • Blue Nile: More than 17 years of experience, top notch affirmation from GIA and AGS, biggest stock of diamonds and settings, extraordinary diamond quality and refined adornments.
  • Brian Gavin Diamonds: 20+ years of experience, high quality certification from GIA and AGS, exceptional dedication to offer the best cut diamonds, offers super-perfect cuts with “Brian Gavin Signature” Hearts and Arrows.

In case you’re utilizing these diamond merchants or any others, remember the following points:  

  • Just buy 1 Carat Diamonds that accompany a GIA and AGS certification
  • Run examinations for cost and excellence across different sites before buying
  • Guarantee that the Diamond Cut is a perfect cut, or a GIA grade quality of Excellent. This dimension of Cut maximizes the radiance, splendor and fire of your diamond. Diamond Cut is the single most prominent component that impacts a jewel’s overall beauty and shimmer.

Consider requesting a diamond expert to assist you to audit precious stones or help in your hunt of high quality 1 Carat Diamonds.

Basic rules for buying a diamond 

Diamond costs are bit complicated. Their actual value is estimated by many elements. And, that is the thing that they regularly let you know. It’s actual, yet it truly doesn’t need to be that complicated. Following are a couple of fundamental steps to pursue while picking a diamond for yourself or relatives. 


This is the most essential step. It is a must in the event that you are spending more than $1,000 on a jewel. The motivation behind purchasing a diamond with certification is to have good peace of mind that you are getting what they guarantee. The main certificates that give that are from the GIA and AGS labs. They are the highest quality levels for the jewel business.


Now that we realize which certificates to utilize, we have to see every one of the characteristics recorded on the certificate and what we ought to do with that data. Choosing a diamond, and the correct jewel for the event you have at the top of the priority list necessitates that you center around more than the grade of the diamond. Two jewels with the very same certification and review may look totally changed. Having a clear understanding of how the cost is influenced by varieties of the 4Cs is the way to settling on the correct decision. Many pick to bargain on quality so as to save some cash, and end up with a ring that is far not exactly great.


The simplest method to make sense of the cost is a similar way you do with everything else. Shop around. The Blue Nile and James Allen are the business leaders with regards to jewels (like Amazon is for some items). A store will dependably be more costly than what you can find on the web, yet make sense of the correct standard and after that, you can choose if it merits paying premium “X” for the additional value you believe you are getting from the store.

Clarity rating

When taking a look at the 4 C’s of a 1 Carat Diamond, an imperative region to consider is Clarity. This factor directs what number of incorporations, surface imperfections (or flaws) and additional features are available in the diamond. As of now, the main seller offering adequate excellent pictures on the majority of their diamonds for assessing Clarity is James Allen. With their innovation, you can locate this excellent SI2 jewel that spares you practically 25% over an average VS2.

The GIA size of diamond clarity ranges from best to most exceedingly bad: Internally Flawless (IF), Very Small Inclusions 2 (VS2), Very Small Inclusions 2 (VVS2), Inclusions 1 (I1), Very Small Inclusions 1 (VS1), Very Small Inclusions 1 (VVS1), Small Inclusions 1 (SI1), Small Inclusions 2 (SI2), and Inclusions 2 (I2).

For a 1 Carat Diamond, we, by and large, prescribe at least a VS2 review, as most considerations and imperfections will be invisible to the bare eye. You might have the capacity to discover an SI1 with considerations close to the edges of the diamond– that, contingent upon shape, might be secured by the setting prongs. The greatest Clarity rating, inside a reasonable budget, will be a VVS2, which gives no flaws to the bare eye.

How to Determine if a Diamond is Genuine

There have dependably been various unrealistic bits of gossip and old stories about surveying the credibility of a diamond. A standout amongst the most popular options to test a jewel that is highlighted on TV is biting it. It ought to be evident this is an awful thought. Note this could result in genuine harm to the valuable materials around the diamond, and that the thing of gems is probably going to be extremely filthy having gone through various hands. It is similarly unwise to attempt and utilize the precious stone to scratch glass.

Use breath test

A lot more secure alternative is to make utilization of the breath test. Just breathe on to the stone and watch it the way it hazes up. This should enable you to decide if the stone is genuine. On the off chance that the mist clears away quickly, the diamond is genuine. In the event that it waits for a couple of moments, odds are this is definitely not a genuine diamond. Sadly, this strategy isn’t 100% precise. Because the haze from your breath gathers up quickly from various different valuable stones too.

Get an inexpensive diamond tester

Another choice is to buy a reasonable diamond tester. These can cost as meager as $15. It might appear illogical if you are just looking for diamonds for that one unique person. Your most secure, and reasonable choice is to demand to see the diamond certification before you make a purchase. The GIA certification is the most generally regarded choice. In fact, the certification number is cautiously engraved in an area on stone where it won’t be noticeable.

GIA certification

A GIA certification is issued by the Gemological Institute of America. They have been certifying the diamonds since 1931. The GIA base camp is situated in Carlsbad, California. The organization likewise has various offices around the world and employs professional researchers. Their point is to shield customers from being tricked by untrustworthy sales representatives. They have built up a time tested standard which guarantees that their certification gives a genuine, unprejudiced, and surely precise assessment of the quality and estimation of the diamond. The specialists likewise have a lot of master stones. And, they use them as control while looking at the stones being tried.

The trained experts at the Gemological Institute of America save no cost when looking to certify a stone. Their assessment requires utilizing sensitive scales, and amazing PCs to decide the load, precision of the cut, number of imperfections, and even the general splendour or shimmer of the stone. The GIA is the most all around respected certification. It is additionally significant that there are various other diamond certifications that may be helpful. A portion of these are:

  • AGS – This was created by the American Gemological Society
  • IGI – This was created in Belgium by the International Gemological Institute


As you have seen, picking a diamond isn’t that simple. Scanning for a 1 Carat Diamond Ring may appear to be overwhelming at first. Yet with the data in this blog, you’ll have the information to choose a splendid diamond at a fantastic cost from a solid jewel merchant. It necessitates that you think and react quickly and do your due diligence so as to not be exploited. In any case, you will be most satisfied with your diamond if you settle on a wise choice.

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