What are the Top Free Attractions in the World?

When it comes to price, there’s always a soft spot for things that are free. In our blogs, we write about costs and other price breakdowns on various topics, but today in this blog we will list out top free things that you can do around the world.

Here are top free activities and attractions in the world

United States

01. Staten Island Ferry

Here’s an amazing free service offered by the New York City for travelers and Americans alike to see the Statue of Liberty up close. Take the ferry for free and witness the grandeur of the Manhattan skyline. The ferry travels between St. George Ferry Terminal and the Whitehall Ferry Terminal.

02. Museums and Galleries

Even being an expensive place to live, NYC does offer many unique attractions for free to New Yorkers and tourists alike. Below is a short list of free museums and galleries in NYC.

  • American Folk Art Museum
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music’s BAMcafé live events
  • Brooklyn Museum
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology
  • New York City Police Museum
  • Queens Museum of Art
  • Socrates Sculpture Park
  • Storefront for Art & Architecture
  • Waterfront Museum
  • National Museum of the American Indian

03. Hudson River Kayak 

The only sad part here that you can’t take your pet on the kayak, but a child under 16 can be in the boat in the presence of their parents. Moreover, you will have to sign a waiver, and you must know how to swim.

04. Chelsea Gallery 

This is a free public space that is located in the west of 10th Avenue; this place now houses over 100 privately-owned galleries. This is a great place to take a stroll.

05. High Line Walk

This is a strip of an elevated industrial rail line that now houses multiple trees and wild vegetation. If you are ever in Manhattan, do take a walk on the High Line.

06. Governors Island

This is a 172-acre island with a stunning view of the Manhattan Heights and the Statue of Liberty. It’s open to the public from May 1 to October 31 and is open from 10 AM to 6 PM; this is a good place to have a small picnic with your loved ones.

07. Central Park

Who doesn’t know the infamous 800 acre Central Park, present at the heart of Manhattan? For people traveling to NYC or the New Yorkers, Central Park is the place of meditation and wellbeing. This massive green belt has a zoo, theater, grasslands, ice rinks and more for a perfect day out with your family or friends.

08. Coney Island

This place is a haven to experience various circus sideshows and sunbathing in the Atlantic Ocean. People in thousands flock here for a day out to enter the artistic world of fun and peace.

09. Getty Center

The Getty Museum is comprise of two campuses, the original Getty Villa in Malibu houses an exquisite collection of Greek, and Roman antiquities. The center also house a large collection of American and European art and furniture.


10. Hike from Spit Bridge 

If you love hiking, you would love the Spit Bridge hike to Manly as you pass through old coves.

11. Royal Botanic Garden

Stroll around in the Royal Botanic Garden which is open to the public. Royal Garden is one of the largest botanical gardens and has some unique structures such as Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair at the garden’s edge.

12. Centennial Park

It is one of the largest parks in the city and is frequently visited by joggers, rollerbladers, horse riders, and cyclists. It is a great place to set-up your picnic if you are ever in Sydney.

13. The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA)

The museum offers free tours as well as free access to ARTBAR evening organized by artists every last Friday of each month.

14. National Gallery of Victoria

The gallery houses some of the iconic art collection including paintings, sculptures, photography and arts from the like of Tiepolo, Renoir and others. Here you can see the renaissance masterpiece Madonna and Child by Antonio da Correggio as well as the Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso.

15. Kooky St Kilda

Get here on the weekend and see how lovely it is. You will see palm trees, roller coasters, rollerbladers, retro flats, artists among other things. If you also find bars and restaurants packed with locals discussing on art and movies.


16. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

The park was created by Baron Haussmann in 1860s. Since then the park has been a favorite spot for lovers. The park has fake cargs, water falls, cedars and even a cave.

17. Berges de Seine

The riverside expressway is a great place to walk, sit and chat. There are options for other activities such as wall climbing, running and even take a nap.

18. Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris 

This is a municipal museum with an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art. For the art lovers, they will find something to ponder here. There are modern furniture, ceramic and other works of Delaunays and Fautrier.

19. Jardin du Luxembourg

Take a sit on the Luxembourg chair and watch the time roll by. Or, you can engage in other activities such as pony rides, tennis, chess, jogging, and swing boats among other things.

20. Eglise St-Etienne-du-Mont

This church was the home of Saint Gene Geneviève, and today it’s a remarkable symbol of Paris History. It also houses a 16th century stone rood screen which was designed by none other than Philibert de l’Orme.

21. La Villette

The Parc de la Villette is the third largest park in Paris and is also a museum complex. Here, you can visit the Cité de la Musique, Zénith rock venue, Philharmonie de Paris concert hall and other swarms with kids.


22. The Museo del Prado

The museum contains works of Picasso, Velazquez, and Goya and you can visit the museum for free from 6 PM to 8 PM from Thursday to Saturday.

23. The Reina Sofia

This is one of the best museums of Madrid which allows free entry every day between 7 PM and 9 PM except on Tuesday; on Sunday, entry is free from 1:30 PM to 7 PM.

24. Parque del Buen Retiro

The park is a 350-acre heaven with a boating lake, rose garden, statues of Spanish kings, puppet shows, concerts and book fair; all for free.

25. Born Centre Cultural

Space is restored 17th-century ruins. You can take a walk through the medieval remains which are constructed after the War of Spanish Succession. A part of the space is free, and for others, you need a ticket.

26. Platja de la Barceloneta

Stoll 7 kilometers of sand with your kids in clean water and beach for safe swimming. The beach also has the Rebecca Horn’s tower and Estel Ferit to add to its liveliness.

27. Santa Maria del Mar

This 14th-century church is a captivating experience when you go in. The pillars are as high as the sky holding the vaulted roof and have a rose window on the main entrance.


28. Aventine Hill 

The Orange Garden of the Parco Savello is a hill with a breathtaking view of the city. Here, you can go for an outing or get the chance to peek through the keyhole of the Knights of Malta.

29. Pantheon

This is a Roman temple dedicated to all the gods and has been around for over 2000 years. This was the world’s largest freestanding dome til the 20th century. You will be amazed and awestruck by its intricate design and grandeur.

30. St Peter’s Church

Consecrated in 1626, this church is the largest in Christendom. The church stands on the burial place of Peter, the apostle and the work of choral was done by the likes of Michelangelo, Bernini, and Bramante.

31. Burano

Experience a blast of color by walking down the Burano. All the houses are painted in various colors that’s hard to imagine that someone did it.

32. St Mark’s Basilica

Since its inception in the 11th century, it’s no less than magical. It looks like a palace, and the domes include a half-a-square mile of golden mosaics. This is a must visit if you are in Italy.


33. Arthur’s Seat

Go on hiking on the peak which is an extinct volcano. If you are looking for adventure, climb the 250-meter high hill passing through the ruins of St Anthony’s Chapel.

34. Dunbar’s Garden

It was created in the 70s by Sir Patrick Geddes, and since then it has become a favorite spot among the locals.

35. Royal Botanic Garden

This 70 acres of trees, rare plant species, and other special gardens are a must visit for any tourists in Scotland. It is just a 5-minute ride from the city center where you will find many locals spending their time. When it rains, people rush into the Victorian Palm House which is the tallest in Britain.

36. St Mary’s Cathedral

It was designed by George Gilbert Scott and is Scotland’s largest cathedral. During the time of August, you can avail free guided tours to the Song School and the murals.


37. Schönbrunn Palace

This historic monument is a piece of building covered in gold which is just a stunning view to witness. On the other hand, you can visit its zoo, stroll the garden and climb the hill to get a perspective of the city.


38. Gülhane Park

It is now Istanbul’s one of the largest public parks. During summer, it attracts hundreds of tourists for a live concert and the shimmering Bosphorus.

39. The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque has cascading domes and glittering minarets that are worth your time. There are over 20,000 blue tiles in its dome ceiling and was made into a magnificent mosque by Sultan Ahmet in the 17th century. The main entrance is as impressive as the Taj Mahal of Agra. However, it is closed to non-muslims during the payer hours.

40. The Egyptian Spice Bazaar

Browse the bazaar for some exotic herbs, spices, nuts, and visit the market in Kadiköy and get second-hand bookstore nearby.


41. Temple of Heaven

A spectacular place to visit in Beijing where locals are practicing Tai Chi and take a walk down the street Nanluoguxiang, where locals practice calligraphy, opera singing, and even ballroom dancing practice.

42. 798Art

The place houses UCCA – one of the best modern art galleries. This place once used to be a factory site and now a huge place to express art.

43. Houhai lake

Once a water reservoir, is now a popular tourist destination with places to eat and drink. The lake is surrounded by old houses and mansion of various kings including Prince Gong.


For many stunning attractions in the world, you don’t even have to pay a penny. The list above is the collection of the most famous attractions. There are other free attractions such as the Hong Kong Symphony Light Show, the dancing fountain in the Bellagio, LV, the Lotus Temple, India and more. Travelers, especially backpackers frequently visit these attractions to stay away from the tourist crowd and to make travels more budget friendly. These attractions may be free, but they are nothing less than priceless.

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