How Much does the Designer Bags Cost?

The love for the top of the line fashion and adoration for international travel frequently overlap. Both require significant superfluous pay and aesthetic curiosity, and both travel and fashion have a feeling of charm to them, which mixes on itself when the two are integrated. After all, what feels better than someone asking where you got your bag and you getting the chance to state, “Goodness, this old thing? Paris.” That’s by all account not the only preferred standpoint of shopping while at the same time traveling universally, however: it can save you a ton of cash, particularly if you live in the US and are made a beeline for Western Europe.

The same designer bag quite often costs an essentially extraordinary cost depending upon which currency you’re utilizing. Read more into the article to find out how much should you spend on getting a designer bag.

Hermès Kelly 32 Togo ($11,800/$28 Per Wear)

The Hermès Kelly 32cm sack is produced using smooth Togo leather, which originates from the half. The excellence of the Togo leather is refreshing as it normally has a surface that is neither too hard nor excessively delicate, making it a standout amongst the most well known leather. Relish the smooth and fine surface of the Hermes leather and find how this grainy leather is additionally a tough material as it is strong to scratches and dirt notwithstanding when utilized daily.

This bag is highlighted in dark and is emphasized by gold equipment. Look exquisite and balanced with this exemplary shading. This bag can enable you to achieve styles that are easy going yet rich. The visually impaired stamp is “M” in a square, which indicates 2007 as the time of creation. The majority of the accessories are incorporated and the hardware has the protective plastic covers.

The Row Backpack ($3,900/$9 Per Wear)

The Row’s adaptable backpack is made from smooth dark leather. It very well may be carried by the best handle or over your shoulder using the flexible woven straps. The spacious interior has zip and patch pockets. It’s finished with smooth palladium equipment.

In addition, your backpack just got bolder. Take your outing higher than ever in the ultra-solid carryall. A water bottle holder, toiletry compartment and inside telephone sectional will keep you sorted out when you’re out there.

Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag ($2,500/$6 Per Wear)

This Soft Ricky is made in Italy from layers of hand-sewed Italian Nappa leather and includes a differentiating bonded-calfskin covering that has a rich pop of shading. This lightweight adaptation of our famous Ricky Bag takes as long as eight hours to develop and is done with the custom logo-decorated leather secured lock. It has got two leather top handles, each with a 5½” drop. In addition, it incorporates a removable leather cross-body tie with silver-conditioned roller buckles and a most extreme 22″ drop. There is two leather straps circle through the front and it is anchored with silver-conditioned roller buckles.

Céline Medium Box Bag ($3,900/$9 Per Wear)

A definitive must-have from Celine! As the name recommends, this pack is really an exemplary in each sense of the word. From the perfect craftsmanship to the nature of the materials, to the ageless plan, this bag typifies all that we adore about extravagance products. Ready to be worn with the strap or without, the Box bag is unendingly flexible and will supplement any outfit or style. With an organized and splendidly measured interior, this bag will take you from day to night easily.

Chanel Medium Boy Bag ($4,700/$11 Per Wear)

Oh boy, you can’t deny the fact that the Boy Bag has an irresistible aura that has kept everybody fascinated since its release. The Boy Bag was first presented in Chanel’s Fall/Winter Ready-To-Wear collection. From that point forward, the Boy has joined the ranks of the “icon” family with the great fold and re-issue, and will undoubtedly turn into a genuine exemplary itself. The bag was inspired via cartridge bags, which are utilized for hunting purpose. The Boy Bag right away got the attention of the fashion world and still holds its place now since its aesthetic genuinely bought a progressive swing to Chanel’s collection.

The Boy Bag itself isn’t overwhelmingly manly. However, it has an unmistakably utilitarian feel contrasted with the classic fold’s female form. In correlation, the Boy Bag is increasingly organized and square shaped with straight lines and precise corners. The Boy Bag’s streamlined look makes it an increasingly modernized rendition of Chanel’s classic fold. The outline is the ideal mix of strength and chic timelessness.

Dior Large Lady Dior ($4,400/$11 Per Wear)

An ageless and extraordinary gem, the Lady Dior sack is glued with the Couture soul of Dior. Meticulously created by hand, this expansive dark lambskin pack is upgraded by notable Dior Cannage sewing.

The Lady Dior is an amazing bag from Parisian design house Christian Dior. Rich and female, it is recognised instantly,  all thanks to its stitched cannage structure, which was enlivened by Christian Dior’s affection for Napoleon III chairs. Made from dark leather, this stitched 2way bag includes round top handles, a separable shoulder strap, a best zip closure, a fundamental interior compartment, an inside zipped pocket, purse feet, an inward logo patch, a logo emblazoned metal tab at the top zipper, gold-tone equipment and a tag of metal logo letters.

The place of Dior is celebrated for its high fashion designs and for making the ‘New Look’ that would impact the style of the fifties, and has turned into a main extravagance mark with a reputation for imaginative style. In 1950, Jacques Rouët devised a licensing program to put the now-eminent name of “Christian Dior” noticeably on a variety of extravagance merchandise. It was set first on neckties and before long was put on hosiery, caps, furs, totes, gems, lingerie, gloves, and scarves.

Gucci Jackie Shoulder Bag ($2,350/$6 Per Wear)

This exemplary Jackie Shoulder Bag will make an extraordinary addition to any closet. It has silver tone metal equipment and push bolt closure. This bag is large in structure! It highlights beige/dark monogram canvas with tan leather trim that has whip-line specifying along the edges, brilliant hardware, bamboo and tuft details. It has two large removable tassels with bamboo details attached at one side. Besides, it incorporates the signature piston closure with bamboo detailing.

Givenchy Antigona Bag ($1,900 USD)

Perfectly planned and created, this fresh out of the plastic new Givenchy Antigona Black Leather Medium Satchel Bag is made in Italy from the best leather. This rich bag includes the signature envelope overlap logo and a keenly organized shape which enhances bag space. Likewise, this excellence accompanies rolled tote handles a removable level shoulder strap and broadened zip top. Adding to its usefulness this grand bag has an inside zip pocket and two extra inward pockets for organizing things inside the texture lined carrying compartment. This wonderfully created thing ships inside one day after buy.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 ($970 USD)

The Speedy is a famous Louis Vuitton design. Its basic lines and chic Monogram canvas quickly appeal to ladies with an eye for design. The ideal bag for the city., the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Monogram canvas is obviously the most prevalent and notable bag from the brand. It has been in style for a considerable length of time since its dispatch in the 1930’s as the “Express” pack and inspired by that time’s travel evolution.  

It offers a lightweight class in a conservative arrangement. Motivated by the well known keep all travel bag, it includes a metal zip closure. Ideal for carrying regular things. The bag is made in class monogram canvas leather which is known for being ultra impervious to tearing, scraping and moisture, aside from being lightweight and tough. The bag has adjusted handles and trimmings in characteristic cowhide leather. Space is a reward with this bag as it fits so much , nearly acts like a covert tote. It has a zip closure and latch in gold shading metallic.

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour ($2,456USD)

Saint Laurent’s ‘Sac De Jour’ tote is made from extravagant leather, watchfully stamped and embellished with a weighty padlock. The softened leather lined inside flaunts an abundance of zipped compartments to guarantee your basics are put away securely.

Loved for their leatherware, a Saint Laurent handbag offers modern sensibilities. Exemplary ladylike fashion codes are utilized in the Sac de Jour configuration made with perfect and cleaned lines. This iconic Sac de Jour tote from Saint Laurent includes round top handles, a separable shoulder strap, a front centre logo stamp, a hanging leather tag, purse feet, accordion details at sides and an open top design.  

Gucci Soho ($1190 USD)

Gucci’s rule keeps on being preeminent, with resale value on Gucci bags, clothes and shoes remaining at a steady rate. A standout amongst the most well known Gucci things, the modest Soho handbag, is a standout amongst the most prevalent, and can hold up to 80 percent of its retail value in resale. A firm fan top pick, the Soho is a decent purchase in the event that you need to exchange inside a couple of years—as the style is fairly new there’s no firm information on how it will perform later on, however on the off chance that Gucci’s reputation is anything to pass by, it will be successful.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Investing In A Designer Bag

There’s nothing very much like purchasing another bag. The smell of new leather, the excite of opening that box and the sentiment of wearing it out of the blue—nothing truly looks at. In any case, when settling on the ideal bag, there can be substantially more to consider than simply the nuts and bolts. For some, an originator bag is a long term investment, and looking towards the future resale of the pack is of most extreme significance. What’s more, as most things throughout everyday life, not all packs are made an equivalent. We’ve gathered together the few points that will help you in investing into a fashioner handbag.  

  1. Great Style:

    Is it a great style that will dependably be in style? Stay away from the “existing apart from everything else” in vogue things like the neon, and gingham prints that aren’t “in” each season. When obtaining designer fashion or accessories, pick great styles, shapes, colors and plans that will dependably be in style. Search for items that have been selling from that fashioner for quite a long time and years.

  2. Cost:

    Cost is by a long shot the most vital factor to think about when purchasing your first designer tote. Ensure the bag you pick accommodates your way of life. There is no motivation to place yourself in the debt over designer things. You can even request family members to contribute together for a vacation or birthday present.

  3. Brand value

    Has the creator been around quite a while? Do numerous individuals know about this brand? An investment in a designer thing is just synonymous to the name. In the event that you purchase that $2000 bag from a brand nobody has ever known about, or if that brand winds up going under in a couple of years, you will have a lot harder time making that thing fixed with them for free when it breaks. Purchase from known fashioners that have been around for a considerable length of time!

  4. Discounted Pricing: 

    Despite the fact that its fashioner, still you don’t need to pay the maximum for it, even when it’s shiny new! Sample deals and flash sales have been an incredible method to get a designer item at an extraordinary price.

  5. Buy Used items: 

    You can save when purchase designer bags slightly used. But, remember that your item won’t be under guarantee and you won’t certainly get free repairs. Additionally, remember that when purchasing on the web, make sure you’re purchasing from a trustworthy merchant.

  6. Read Product Description Properly: 

    Different pricing bags offer diverse features. For instance, a $500 pack might be factory made, while a $1500 sack might be handcrafted, painted or built. Ensure you read the item description properly and search for components, for example, materials and where the pack was made. On the off chance that you are paying high costs for extravagance merchandise you have to guarantee that your bag isn’t possibly made in upstanding nations with regards to fashion generation, yet in addition, produced using extravagance materials.

  7. Lot of choices to choose from:

    There are such huge numbers of designer houses to look over. From European works of art like Saint Laurent, Fendi, Gucci, Chloé, Louis Vuitton, or Asian brands, for example, Comme des Garçons or Issey Miyake, regardless of what your style is, there is a fashion house that coordinates your stylish. Picking a brand may likewise be extremely troublesome. However, on the off chance that you consider the tips above, narrowing down your selection will be much simpler!

  8. Purpose Of Buying Bag:

    While considering your alternatives, attempt and go for something that is adaptable. For instance, picking one with a separable crossbody tie. In this way, it can be worn in various ways and you will receive substantially more wear out of it. Further to this, consider what you will utilize your bag for. Will you wear it on every day at work – something progressively viable that will require a spacious inner? Or on the other hand, will this be an exceptional event bag?

  9. Where To Buy The Bag:

    Be watchful with regards to where you’re going to buy your bag. Once in a while acquiring online can be less expensive than from the store. In an offline store, everything is commonly imported and marked up. Another incredible method to spare moolah is in the event that you realize somebody traveling or returning home from being on vacation abroad – buy it online in that nation, get it sent to their address and ask them to bring it down for you. You will save a great amount, trust us.

  10. Look for leather protector:

    It merits investigating an incredible leather protector, yet make sure to test it on a little region beforehand. Ensure it doesn’t cause discoloration. Store your bag appropriately, in either its original dust bag or a cotton cushion case. Also, if it isn’t organized, stuff with a scarf or delicate material to keep its unique shape. Make sure it is kept out of direct daylight.


While considering for yourself regardless of whether to make the dive and buy a designer bag, it’s vital to think about what your aim may be. While you may spend more on a knitted Chanel shoulder bag, if you plan to keep it for the next few years, consider cost-per-wear. It could possibly be justified, despite all the trouble. If you are confident that this is the ideal opportunity, shop a couple of most loved styles.

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