How much does a Yorkie puppy cost

How much does a Yorkie puppy cost?

If you are a puppy lover, you must be thinking of buying one for yourself. If you are eyeing a Yorkie then you must be wondering about their pricing. The cost of a Yorkie depends upon various factors. However, these puppies are loaded with cuteness and are way too costly.

In this article, we have provided brief information about these tiny cute puppies and discussed the factors that decide the price of your Yorkie. We have also given an idea about what you should expect from the dog breeder for the price you pay. But before going to the pricing you should have a little idea about a Yorkie.

What is a Yorkie?

Basically, a Yorkie is a combination of Terrier and Toy Dog. The small terriers in Scotland were brought down to Yorkshire, England, which was bred as today’s Yorkies or Lapdogs.

Yorkies belong to the lapdog family but not all of them love to sleep on the lap for the whole day. Yorkie is a clever and brave pet. This breed is also known as aggressive and energetic dogs. Hence, they are less tolerant of the other animals. They are a very popular breed of dogs because of their cuteness and soft, fine, and warm coat. Because of the popularity, it has become the most expensive breed of dogs.

First of all, let us discuss the factors that make them so expensive among all the breeds of dogs.

Factors That Affect a Yorkie Puppy Pricing

Yorkies’ pets are well known for their unique combination of cuteness, small size, and great character. They are always in high demand because of their uniqueness, which makes the breed a very expensive one. You can expect to pay $1000 to $10,000 for a single pup. This variation of the price depends upon certain factors. Let us discuss all the aspects that determine the cost of a Yorkie.

Size & Appearance of the Yorkie

We can discuss another important factor that affects the price of a young Yorkie pup is their size and overall appearance. Nowadays the smaller Yorkies cost more than bigger ones as there is a huge demand for small Yorkies.
The price also differs in terms of the appearance of a Yorkie’s coat. If you are purchasing a standard Yorkie with a silky, glossy, and fine coat, you can expect to pay more. On the contrary, you can pay less for a puppy that does not have a glossy fine coat.

The Bloodline of the Yorkie

The bloodline of a Yorkie is the most important factor that a buyer looks for while purchasing. You should check out which breed of Yorkie you are buying. If it is a mixed breed then you may expect to pay less, while a pure breed may be way too costly. So, we recommend you find a trusted breeder who sells genuine breed Yorkies with proper documentation.

Yorkie pups that come from the lineage of American Kennel Club champions and have won more trophies are often more expensive. You can expect to pay as high as $10,000 for a puppy that has won more prizes in AKC championships.

The Health Condition

The health condition is one of the most concerning issues that a buyer should consider while buying a puppy. You should clearly understand the health conditions of your Yorkie pup, which ultimately helps you to take good care of your pet. You can also ask the parents of the puppy to know if your pup is going to have serious health conditions in the future or not.

Yorkies do have a very fragile body. Hence, the health condition plays a vital role in deciding the cost of a Yorkie pup. You should remember that even the tiniest health issue can cause a huge problem for your little pup. So, make sure you have cleared all these aspects while purchasing a costly pup from the breeder.

Avoid falling prey to the tricky breeders who claim to give a good breed Yorkie a $1000 that comes with a good health condition and proper documentation. Yorkies are not that cheap.

The reputation of the dog breeder

The reputation of the breeder plays a vital role in determining the cost of a Yorkie puppy. The reputed breeders ensure you about the bloodline of their Yorkies. You can find a trusted breeder easily as they carry out several sales without any issues. Hence, you should be careful of the breeders who have little or no information about their authenticity. Reputed breeders may be more expensive than the less-known breeders, but going for trusted and reputed dog breeders will provide you assurance of purchasing a good breed pup.

What is the cost for a Purebred Yorkie with AKC documentation?

The dog is known to be purebred if its lineage is documented through a recognized breed industry; American Kennel Club is the most trusted registration industry. If you are thinking to buy a purebred Yorkie that is registered with the American Kennel Club, you should expect to spend a minimum of $1,500 on them. This is really expensive for the person who is buying a Yorkie for the first time, but this price is justified.

On the contrary, if you are planning to buy one without the required registration document, you can expect to spend around $600- $1,200 on a Yorkie puppy. You can save around $500-$700, but the dogs without proper documentation may show some typical health conditions that you have to deal with at a later stage. However, there are also a few chances of getting a quality Yorkie puppy without documentation.

You should also know that most breeders charge a non-refundable deposit of $200- $500, to place a ‘hold’ on a puppy. However, this deposit may not be included in the final sale price of the Yorkie.

These puppies have well-documented health records, vaccination records, a purebred lineage, and a health guarantee. The breeder also keeps a health record for the puppy’s parents, which helps you to learn that both the parents and grandparents have been professionally tested for the purpose of eliminating genetic diseases in the process of breeding.

However, this does not guarantee that your puppy will not have any health issues in the future. The only thing you will assure that you get a good healthy puppy that will fall less ill and save a lot of money that you might have spent visiting the doctors.

A few AKC documented dogs from champion bloodlines may cost you around $3,000 to $5,000 or more. If you are a millionaire and can spend extravagantly, you can go for these luxury pups as a sign of status than having a pet.

How much it cost to adopt a Yorkie from a local shelter?

If you do not want to face the hassles of training a Yorkie pup, you can go for the adoption of the same from a nearby dog shelter. Adopting a Yorkshire terrier from a local rescue shelter can help save a dog and also will be cheaper. Shelter dogs may cost you around $50 to $500. If you are purchasing an adult dog then you do not have to spend on their vaccination; usually, they come up-to-date with all the vaccination.

Adoption also makes you avoid all the hard work of training a pup. However, some rescue dogs come with pre-existing health conditions. But you can also find a few in perfectly healthy condition. You will have the advantage of knowing all the issues related to your pet as the dog-shelter caretakers become familiar with the dog’s health conditions over time. They can give you the best of suggestions regarding upbringing the rescued Yorkie. Hence, it will be easy to choose one that best suits your lifestyle.


Yorkies are one of the quite expensive pets to have in your family. They are cute and usually have a cuddly nature, which makes them so adorable and worth spending a lot of bucks. So, if you want to go extravagant to have one for yourself, you should consider the above-discussed points to avoid falling prey to the cheaters who take too much money in the name of the quality breed. You can purchase a nice Yorkie from a genuine breeder instead of buying from tricky breeders.


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