How much does a piano keyboard cost

How Much Does a Piano Keyboard Cost?

If you are a music lover and want to learn a piano, then you must be wondering which one is best for you. If you do not want to spend too much on a full-size acoustic piano, you should check out the piano keyboards that are convenient for a beginner as well as a professional piano artist. In this article, we have discussed piano keyboards, their cost, the manufacturing brands, and factors that may affect the cost of a piano keyboard.

What is a Piano Keyboard?

Technically the keyboard refers to the row of keys on any piano. But a keyboard piano is a smaller version of acoustic pianos. Usually, an acoustic piano has 88 keys, whereas a keyboard piano comes with 61-76 keys.
Piano keyboards are not that much bigger as compared to a real piano; they are not heavy as well. They come with good features. Moreover, they are not as costly as large acoustic pianos. So let us discuss how much does a piano keyboard actually costs?

How Much Does A Piano Keyboard Cost?

The cost of a piano keyboard depends on a variety of factors; size, brand, features, and sound quality. We have done an estimation of how much a piano keyboard costs depending on such factors. If you are planning to purchase a high-end keyboard with a quality brand name, you can expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000.
However, you don’t have to go for high-end options; you can purchase low-end keyboards at an affordable price range also. If you want to buy a really basic model in the beginning, you have to spend somewhere around $500 or less than that.

Music Keyboards vary in prices; the cheapest can cost you around $100 that we recommend only for kids or beginners. As a learner, you should go for a keyboard with at-least 61-keys (5 octaves) and preferably touch-sensitive keys. These types of keyboards can cost you around $200 dollars. However, the better ones can be purchased at the $500-$1000 range, which we recommend for intermediate-level players.

Those who want to take music as a career option can opt for full size, weighted 88-keys piano, which comes with the option of attaching a pedal. If you are interested in classical music then you should consider purchasing a three pedal-unit that comes with minimal built-in effects.

Now let us discuss the factors that affect the cost of a keyboard piano.

The Manufacturing Brand

The most important factor that affects the cost of a keyboard piano is the brand under which it is manufactured. It is as simple as buying clothes from a reputed brand. If you choose a well-known brand then you should be prepared to pay a good amount. Likewise, if you choose a lesser-known brand then the price is going to be lesser as well.

Some of the most popular brands that manufacture keyboards are Casio, Yamaha, Kawai, Korg, and Roland. You can expect to pay heavy bucks while buying a keyboard from any of these brand names.

If you are an amateur keyboard piano player, go for a lesser-known brand name with a lesser price. If you a dedicated player or a professional artist then you can go for a bigger brand name. Despite being costly, the bigger brand names usually feature better warranties on their products, which is one of the most important aspects of choosing a musical instrument.

New vs. Used

Piano keyboards are way too costly; even a low-end keyboard can cost you several hundred dollars. If you do not want to be extravagant while buying a piano keyboard then we will suggest you go for used ones. There are a few music stores that sell used musical instruments at low cost. You can save your hard-earned money if you choose to purchase a used piano keyboard. Make sure you buy used musical instruments from a reputed store so that you can avoid hassles in the future. You can get used ones at a couple of hundred dollars from the stores that sell used goods.

Keyboard Size and Sound Functions

The major factor that determines the cost of a keyboard piano is its size as far as sound functions are concerned. The larger piano keyboards feature a weighted and wide range of keys. However, the full-sized piano keyboards have fewer sound functions and technological features.

As a beginner, we will suggest you go for a smaller keyboard piano that you can learn quite easily.

Sound Quality

One of the other main factors, which is responsible for the price of your piano keyboard is sound quality. This is closely related to the manufacturing brands. You can expect to get advanced features in an expensive keyboard, which produces better sound quality that resembles a real piano.

Cost of Keyboard depending on the Types

We have made our own research to find out the average cost of different types of keyboard piano; Arrangers, Synthesizers, and the Midi Controllers. The cost of the keyboard piano varies depending on the number of keys, quality of the sound, speakers, and some of the advanced features.

Keyboard Costs for Entry Level Arrangers

The entry-level Arranger Keyboards can cost you around $100-$500. If you are a beginner and do not want to spend more, you can go for a keyboard that costs you around $100-$250. As a beginner, you should go in for touch-sensitive keys and 61 keys (5 octaves) keyboard. The popular manufacturing brands are Yamaha, Casio, and Roland. In the higher range, you can expect arrangers with more than 61 keys and full-fingered mode that enable you to play in piano style.

Keyboard Cost for Arranger Workstations

If you are a true performer and looking for a high-end keyboard piano then you must go for this. Most of these keyboards let you create music, having features of workstations. The Arranger workstations may cost you around $1000-$2000.

Cost of a Keyboard Synthesizer

These types of piano keyboards look expensive. But they are not meant for beginners. If you are a professional player then you can definitely choose a synthesizer in a studio or for on-stage performances. Expect to spend somewhere around $1000-$3500 for Synthesizers. The popular brands that manufacture synthesizers are Yamaha, Korg, and Roland.

Cost of Keyboard Midi Controllers

A Midi Controllers keyboard piano is usually meant for recording purposes, especially with the help of a software sequencer. The cost of this type of keyboard piano may increase if you want to purchase one with more than 61 keys, having piano-like keys. You can expect to spend approximately $150-$1000 for Midi Controllers.

The cost of a midi controller with 61 and lesser keys will be somewhere around $150-$400. Similarly, you can expect to spend somewhere around $250-$1000 for one with more than 61 keys. You can choose from popular brands like M-Audio.


The cost of a piano keyboard depends on various factors; hence it completely depends on you how much you want to spend a keyboard piano. If you are an amateur artist and want a small beginner’s keyboard from a less popular brand, even a used and old keyboard, then you may expect to spend a minimum amount of money, which will cost you a few hundred dollars at most. However, if you are a professional artist and want to splurge a little more, then you can purchase a keyboard piano from a popular brand with a great sound quality, which will cost you somewhere around $2,000 or $3,000.

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