How much does a hockey stick cost

If you aspire to become a hockey player and searching for a hockey stick, then you must be doing your own research on how much does a hockey stick cost.

If you are an amateur hockey player then you must know everything about a hockey stick before purchasing one for you. In this article we have discussed about hockey sticks, their features, and cost to give a brief idea about which one to go for.

What is a hockey stick?

We can define a hockey stick as a piece of sport equipment that the players use in all the forms of hockey to move the ball or puck. The players use the stick either to push, pull, hit, strike, flick, steer, launch or stop the ball/puck during play with an aim to move the ball/puck around the playing area using the stick, and then trying to score.

Field hockey sticks vary in shape at their end point, often depending on the player’s position. Usually, there are four main variations on the head of the hockey stick.

Heads of the Hockey stick

The ‘short’ is mainly used by players who wish to have control over the ball. This specific head is most appropriate with the mid-field position. However, in Ice Hockey it is meant for center position.

The players who hit the ball often and need to be strong on their ‘reverse side’, can use the ‘Midi’. This specific head is most suitable for the striker or ‘up-front’ position.

The ‘Maxi’ is somewhat similar to the ‘Midi’. It has got an increased surface area which enables the player to hit the ball conveniently. However, the “maxi’ is used much more effectively for stopping the ball. This head is commonly used by ‘defenders’ and ‘attackers’.

The ‘J Hook’ again features a large surface area. However, it does not have the effectiveness like the ‘Midi’ for striking the ball. The J hook features an increased thickness making it ideal for stopping the ball. This head is mainly used by ‘defenders’.


Field hockey sticks vary in length and price, ranging from 26″ to 38.5″. The size of the hockey stick that is most effective for a specific player is decided by that player’s height.

For example, a 28″ stick would be used by a player having a height of 4′, whereas a 38″ stick is mainly preferred by players over 5’10”.

However, ‘defenders’ often like to use a longer stick than ‘attackers’ as this provides a greater reach when stopping a moving ball. The ‘attackers’ always prefer a shorter stick that can allow them to have greater control of the ball.

How much does a hockey stick cost ?

Budget Hockey Sticks

If you’re an amateur hockey player and have just started learning hockey, then look for a budget hockey stick below $60. Typically, these sticks are heavier and won’t provide any advanced features. However, they are perfect for learning stick-handling and shot technique.

The greatest advantage of these budget sticks is, you do not have to spend huge bucks on them. You can learn with these sticks until you become sure that you will continue with the game.

Typically, low-end budget hockey sticks are made from wood or composite of fiber-glass.

Key Characteristics

Budget hockey sticks can be purchased at less $75. They often come in wood or low-end composite and resin material. They come in two-piece where the blade is fused to the shaft. They do not provide ample amount of flex and ‘pop’.

Mid-Range Hockey Sticks

Once you learn the game and start playing it conveniently, you can switch to mid-range hockey sticks. These hockey sticks are lighter than the low range sticks and ensure the player better puck. 

Mid-range hockey sticks suit most hockey players, who benefit from the better pop and whip that they get from these sticks. Moreover, they offer a player to stickhandle better and take faster and more powerful shots. However, you have to be technically good to get the benefits of these sticks.

The lighter structure of the stick helps the player to poke check faster, win puck buttle and take faster, snappier shots on goal while the player is in blue line. Moreover, they are made of composite and resin that give a great variety of flex. However, they are prone to breakage and can break over time.

Key Characteristics

Mid-end hockey sticks can be purchased at $100-$200. They are made of composite and resin. They are lighter than the low-end sticks. They feature two-piece fused blade and shaft. They provide better ‘pop’ and whip. You can experience a greater flex in these hockey sticks.

High-End Hockey Sticks

These hockey sticks are the most expensive ones, which are the lightest of all the hockey sticks and come with the most advanced features.

Often experienced players use these hockey sticks that provide the vital competitive edge in their game. Intermediate players can also use these sticks, if they want best sports equipment for them.

High-end hockey sticks are made of higher quality composite materials. These are the lightest sticks in the market, which require less energy and strength to pass and handle the puck. They can ensure the player quicker hands, harder shots and less fatigue throughout the game.

Key Characteristics

High-end hockey sticks can be purchased at $200 and over. They are one-piece, well-balanced, and lightweight. They provide plenty of pop and whip and require less energy used to stickhandle and shoot. You can get more balanced blade in these hockey sticks. These sticks are less prone to breakage.

How much do pro hockey sticks cost?

Do not be surprised, if you see NHL players pay more than $700 for hockey sticks. However, many NHL players buy hockey sticks that are not exactly inaccessible. Players like Joe Thornton, Jon Klingberg, and Jonathan Marchessault prefer to use the CCM Ribcor Trigger, which will cost you around $250.

Similarly, hockey players like Tyler Seguin and Jake DeBrusk use Bauer Vapor X-series, which can be purchased at $250 in some stores.

NHL players use the latest generation sticks; most of the sticks will be in the price range of $300 or $450. Moreover, you can purchase them at a cheaper rate once they become “last season’s” model.

Which hockey stick is right for you?

Choosing the right hockey stick is a tough task. There is a huge variety of hockey sticks including the top brands like CCM and Bauer to smaller brands that offer unique blade curves and materials.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend you to choose a budget or low-end stick, which will cost you $60-80. If are a regular hockey player, choose a mid-range stick over $80. For most off the players, a mid-range stick will be the perfect choice that gives a balance between price and features.

When can you buy hockey sticks?

If you want to purchase a quality hockey stick in a budget range, you should buy it at the end of the hockey season when manufacturing brands are looking to sell the rest of this year’s hockey stock.

Why hockey sticks are so expensive?

You can find a huge variety of hockey sticks available in the market at different price range. Now, you may ask why hockey sticks vary in price. Well, we have an explanation to it. Their price varies due to the construction process, materials and the manufacturing brands.

Most sticks these days feature composite material, made from either carbon fiber or Kevlar and other resins, which are really expensive materials. Higher quality hockey sticks use several carbon fiber layers, which is another reason why they are so expensive.

Additionally, some mid-range and all top-range sticks feature different fiber configurations to provide flexible and stiff locations within the shaft. This includes specific manufacturing conditions, which adds extra cost.

On the other hand, wooden hockey sticks use wood and fibreglass, which involves lesser manufacturing process. Hence, they are cheaper than composites.

Some top brands may offer you hockey sticks at really a higher range. These hockey sticks are very popular and in demand. They also ensure you a good quality. Whereas, brands that are less popular may sell hockey sticks at cheaper rate.

The main brands of sticks include TK, Grays, Slazenger, Byte, Kookaburra, Malik, Dita, Voodoo, Adidas, Gryphon, uber hockey, Woodworm, Brabo, Mercian, Mazon, Zoppo, Tempest, Matador, King Karachi, NedStar,  Stag, Wasa, No Fear, BHP, Taurus, Wasp, Princess, IHSAN, Mohinder, Chryso, Piranha, Rage, Sachin and Edge.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, if you are a beginner, you should purchase budget range sticks that are convenient for learning. If you are a pro player and want to continue this sport, you can spend heavy bucks on a high-end hockey stick. We recommend you to do a thorough research on a product before purchasing it. You can also purchase hockey sticks online from at cheaper rate; you can expect to spend about $15-$75 on these budget range hockey sticks. You can also purchase mini hockey sticks for your child.

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