How much does a baseball cap cost

How much does a baseball cap cost?

If you are recently in love with baseball caps and wondering how much a baseball cap cost, then you can go through our article that we have created to give a complete idea about the types and features of a baseball cap, the material used in them, cost and the places from where you can purchase them.

What is a Baseball cap?

A baseball cap is a type of hat having a soft texture. This type of hat features a soft fabric crown sewn of several sections of fabric and a visor that gives protection to your eyes from the sun. There are some special order caps that are made to fit the wearer in specific sizes. However, most of the models feature a plastic extender in the center of the back that is adjustable to make bigger or smaller sizes depending on the user’s needs. A fabric-covered button is there on the top of the crown, from where all the fabric sections converge. Some baseball caps feature team logos embroidered on the center front of the crown, whereas some baseball caps have the letters beautifully done on the center front that is associated with the team.


Usually, baseball caps use solid-color wool. Some caps that are not used for baseball, but come in the baseball cap style, have a company or other logos on them. They are made of cotton or blended cotton-synthetic material. The visors of these caps come with a kind of stiffening; some use buckram and others use a type of plastic insert depending on the manufacturing company. You will find some baseball caps stiffened at the center front to accommodate the embroidered logo. Sweatbands use cotton or even thin leather material depending on the company or product.


Baseball caps are available in different colors with designs remaining the same, based on the requirement of the team. Some manufacturers use the basic baseball cap design in order to get a better-fitting cap on the head, while others experiment with the insert into the visor in order to increase the flexibility of the visor keeping the built sturdy. The baseball caps feature embroidered logos that include over 30,000 stitches in order to produce the logo. The embroidery is carefully done with the help of a computer in order to achieve the perfect and consistent design of the logo on the front of the caps. These days, a few companies like to reproduce the old-style baseball caps that were popular over 100 years ago.

Types of Baseball Caps

There are 5 major types of baseball caps available in the market
Snapback Cap: This type of hat feature a snap closure in the rear. They come with a flat brim, high profile, and are adjustable.
Adjustable Cap: These hats come with a velcro closure in the rear. This type of baseball cap is unstructured, low profile, and has a curved brim. As the name suggests they are adjustable to fit anyone.
Fitted Cap: This type of baseball cap features a curved or flat brim. This structured cap has a high profile and is not adjustable.
“Flexfit” Cap– Flexifit baseball cap has a curved or flat brim. This structured cap gives a high profile and is adjustable because of the elastic materials.

5-panel cap: These types of caps are known as “dad caps” and have a unique construction. They feature a strapback style and have a little different construction than the usual baseball cap. This type of hat gives a stylish look and comes with a front panel, two side panels, and top panels.

Uses of Baseball caps

There are two ways that a baseball cap can be used; one for athletic purposes and the other for professional purposes. Besides these people these days are using a baseball cap as a fashion statement.

For Athletic use

Athletes other than the baseball players wear baseball caps with their team’s logo and colors as “sideline” caps. These are also sold as authentic team merchandise in retail stores. Some types of caps have the maker’s logo, such as Reebok, Nike, or Carhart. These are made of brushed cotton material. Golfers often prefer o wear a sports visor that only protects their eyes from the sun without having a cover on the head.

For Professional Use

• Some armed forces including the United States Navy and United States Coast Guard use baseball caps as part of their uniforms. These baseball caps usually have a command logo on the front to denote command affiliation. Baseball caps of a particular color signify a specific function of a person or a particular job. For example, red baseball caps are worn by drill monitors who facilitate and critique members of the boat’s crew in the United States submarine force. In the United States Army, parachute riggers and parachute instructors wear red and black baseball caps respectively as part of their uniforms.

• Baseball caps have emerged as a cheap and comfortable alternative for peaked caps and other traditional headdresses, among the police forces and other uniformed bodies throughout the world. Private security companies commonly use baseball caps as a cheap and practical piece of uniform headgear.

How much does a baseball cap cost?

Typically a baseball cap costs $10-$75. These baseball caps are made of wool, cotton, or a blend of cotton and polyester. You can also find baseball caps made of 100% cotton at $20-$100 depending on the manufacturing brand.
You will get the adjustable strap and adjustable closure with these caps, which will help fit everyone. You can carefully hand wash these cotton caps at home.

Sometimes these caps come with brand names embroidered on them, whereas some have prints of animals intricately done on them.

You can purchase custom-embroidered unstructured, cotton baseball caps for as low as $5.54 each if you are planning to order 250 pieces or more. However, it can cost you $7.86 each for 50 pieces or more. A structured, wool baseball cap can cost you around $12.69 each if you are purchasing 250 pieces or more, whereas the cost per baseball woolen cap can be somewhere around $15.92 if you want to order 50 pieces or more.

Where can you buy baseball caps?

You can purchase baseball caps easily from supermarkets near your home. If you are a bit lazy and do not want to face the hassles of visiting shop to shop, then you may go for the online option. If you want us to suggest one online store, from where you can purchase baseball caps, then we will suggest; the largest online shopping website.

However, the online purchases may cost you a little more if we consider the shipping charges. Some brands do not charge shipping charges, while others do. The shipping charges are extra costs that increase the cost of a baseball cap up to $8-$10. If you are comfortable with this extra cost ten you may definitely purchase from the online stores.
If you want to purchase baseball caps online but are hesitant to pay the shipping charges then you may do your own research to find out the brands that do not charge shipping costs. This is the most convenient way to get rid of any extra charges.


These days the use of baseball caps beyond the purpose of the sports; people wear them as a fashion statement. You can find baseball caps in a variety of materials and styles. So you have to be very careful while selecting one for you. Before purchasing one particular style, you need to do proper research about the manufacturing brand, type of material used, and size.

If you are economical and do not want to spend too much then you need to do a little more research to find out the perfect one that is of good quality and comes within your budget.

However, your choice is limitless when it comes to purchasing a baseball cap, from a cotton baseball cap to woolen ones and from snapback to flex-fit ones. You just need to pick the right one that does not hurt your pockets and serves your purpose well.

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