What is the Cost of Sending Letter from USA?

Are you sending letters? Nothing could be less demanding. It doesn’t make a difference whether you utilize one of the various letter boxes or on the off chance that you send your parcels at a branch: your letters and bundles will be en route right away.

You should simply know the ideal strategy for sending the letter and the cost associated with sending the letter. Read more on this article to find out the various costs involved in the method of sending a letter from the USA to various regions of the world.

Cost of sending a letter from the USA

Through United States Postal Service, one can easily send letters from the USA to any regions of the world.

Following are a few methods of sending letters from the USA:

Sl.No. Type of stamp Size of stamp Cost
1 Letter Stamps Standard-sized, rectangular envelopes Approx. $0.49
Square, Oversized, or Unusual Envelopes Approx. $0.70
2 Postcard Stamps


Standard-sized, rectangular postcards Approx. $0.34
3 Global Forever® (International) Standard-sized, rectangular envelopes Approx. $1.15

USPS® Rates are resolved dependent on a mix of weight, mail class, and shape. For specific services, discounted pricing is accessible for clients who buy from online PC Postage administrations, for example, Stamps.com. The following is an outline of the most recent USPS costs:

Latest Mail Postage Rates
First Class Mail Letter (1 oz.) for Post Office Rate Approx. $0.55
First Class Mail Letter (1 oz.) for Stamps.com Rate Approx. $0.50
First Class Mail Letter for each additional ounce Approx. $0.15
Postcard Approx. $0.35
First Class Mail Flat (1 oz.) Approx. $1.00
First Class Mail Flat for each additional ounce Approx. $0.15
First Class Mail for International Letter Approx. $1.15


Priority Mail Express (0.5 lb.) for zones 1 & 2 Approx. $22.68
Priority Mail (1 lb.) for zones 1 & 2 Approx. $6.95
First Class Package Service (1-6 oz.) Approx. $2.66+


Parcel Select Ground (1 lb.) for zones 1 & 2 Approx. $6.85+
Retail Ground (1 lb.) for zones 1 & 2 – Retail/Post Office Rate Approx. $7.35+
Media Mail (1 lb.) for zones 1 & 2
Approx. $2.75
Priority Mail Express International (0.5 lb.) for zone 1 Approx. $42.00+
Priority Mail International (1 lb.) for Canada Approx. $32.59+


Priority Mail International (1 lb.) for Other Countries Approx. $39.71+
First Class Package International Service (1 oz.) for Group 1 Approx. $16.39+

Few easiest method to ship

In like manner with most associations, the expense can’t be the main thought. Be that as it may, it is regularly a fundamental and deciding part. All things considered, we are all in this and settling on each decision to empower our customers to save some cash. Distinctive logistics systems can have a gigantic impact both in travel time and payload charges. Thus, one, for the most part, needs to make sense of which procedure will be the most monetarily savvy one.

Standard Post

This suggests common, typical Post which can take up to 2~5 weeks to arrive. In the event that you can sit tight for quite a while, this is the most economical decision for little shipments, like bundles and samples. You may follow and pursue on the web, yet the information can’t be refreshed in time. One of the benefits of utilizing ordinary post is it is financial in nature and simple to utilize. It is perilous inferable from the way that once packages are lost, it’s elusive to find it.

Express Courier

Transportation with a courier organization will be the most suitable system for some reasons. Courier organizations, operational in numerous nations are UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Dynamite is outstanding in Europe, yet it’s not too unmistakable like the others in China. With courier service, you get fast conveyance times and a web-based tracking service. Most courier shipments take simply 2~5 business days to connect in wherever around the globe.

The benefit of utilizing express courier is that it is brisk, and dependable. On the other hand if issues are identified with the package tracking, one can resolve the issue utilizing the issued number. Yet, the cost is somewhat higher than the postal administration.

Airship Cargo

Airship cargo is another alternative to send your shipments to your preferred goal. If you want to transport heavy things, airship cargo is for you! If the heaviness of sourced things is unreasonably extensive for dispatches, for instance, 500kg, airship cargo might be the best bet. With airship cargo, costs will be basically lower than the courier organizations. Travel time changes reliant on the timetable of aircraft, anyway the shipment for the most part lands in the middle of 2-10 days which isn’t that terrible.

Extra work is incorporated when the items lands at the destination air terminal. You have to manage documentation and customs clearance alone (Unlike with dispatch organizations), which for certain, amateurs may give off an impression of being unreasonable. Clearly, you can for the most part redistribute these exercises to a customs broker or a trucking association at an additional cost.

Sea Cargo  

Transport via sea can take a long time, however, can convey a huge measure of items, which drives down the costs. The decent measure of burdens that can be transported is furthermore a significant advantage to this mode. That is the reason it’s standard and by and large the used mode in logistics.

Despite the long conveyance time, on the off chance that you get ready, and have enough time to pause, sea cargo will be your best choice. Contingent on where you’re arranged, it will be in the region of around 3-60 days. Much equivalent to with carrier freight, you’ll have to manage the documentation, customs clearance and items delivery from the port to your home or office. If you choose Door-to-Door administrations, which is standard in Europe/Canada/USA/Australia, you ought to just pay the load charges and sit tight for your cargo sent to your predefined address.

Delivering using sea can be savvy, particularly, on the off chance that you’re set up to deal with the coordinations of clearing the items through customs yourself — furthermore, the best way to deal with an arrangement with vast bulky buys.

Few tips to save big on Shipping:

Do research:

An examination of the Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx found that the Postal Service by and large charges the most minimal rates, yet not generally. UPS and FedEx offer competitive rates for ground delivery and more alternatives in case you’re in a rush, so contrasting expenses can set aside some cash. The services have their very own value number calculators, yet comparison tool can assist you with looking at more than each one in turn. Enter data for a bundle or envelope going inside the United States to see cost estimates for various services.

Plan for the future:

The quicker you need something transported, the more costly it is. Get it via the post office as quickly as time permits to abstain from paying additional for speed. For instance, sending something medium-term through the Postal Service begins at $24.70, yet Priority Mail and Retail Ground rates begin at just $6.70.

Save Materials:

In the event that you have the storage room, or a ton of shipments coming in and out, continue shipping materials for reuse. Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and those air-filled plastic wrapping pads from online retailers can be reused. Ensure boxes are tough and not very intensely marked, however. UPS educates clients reusing boxes to “Expel any names, perilous materials pointers, and different past shipment markings on the crate that are never again pertinent.”

Cushion Creatively:

When shipping delicate things, don’t feel the need to purchase dedicated packing materials. Individuals who deliver a great deal suggest everything from slice up pool noodles to empty egg containers to keep away from harm and breakage.

Go for free supplies:

There are free level rate boxes and envelopes at the mail station, and they can likewise be requested free from the Postal Service and conveyed to a home or office. Need Mail encloses come sets of 10 or 25, and Priority Mail envelopes come in sets of 10. UPS and FedEx likewise offer free supplies for clients with a (free) account.

Get discounted offers:

There are many packing companies which are something of a competitive innovation among Etsy merchants as a delivery choice for substantial or uncommon things. Expenses shift contingent upon weight, separation, and speed. Limits are accessible for students, dynamic military individuals, and veterans. These companies additionally offer limits for booking on the web and for shipments of six things or more.

Use Busfreighter to move furniture:

In case you’re moving without furniture, where everything is in boxes and time isn’t of the embodiment, Busfreighter, which delivers on a space-accessible premise is much less expensive than a few packaging companies.

Deliver creative offers:

Post a rundown of what needs transporting regardless of whether one thing or a home’s value and organizations offer to move it. This alternative is particularly useful for extensive, substantial, or strangely molded things. The organization recognizes that its commercial center is “not invulnerable to tricks” and offers a manual for staying away from fraud.

Sending clothes:

To send a clothing line under 13 ounces, First-Class Mail through the Postal Service is best while thinking about expense and speed of conveyance. Utilize a polyvinyl mailer. For things heavier than 13 ounces, a level rate envelope is the best alternative.

Transporting books:

Mailing only books, sound accounts, video tapes, printed music, or CDs and DVDs? Utilize the U.S. Postal Service’s Media Mail. The expense depends exclusively on weight, with the most minimal cost being $2.76 for a thing as much as 1 pound. Sending a similar bundle at the Retail Ground rate would cost somewhere in the range of $6.80 and $7.19. Make a point to pursue the rules — video games are excluded.

Shipping bike:

Packaging companies can ship bundles and “not exactly truckload” shipments to more than 100 urban communities. There are size and thing limitations, alongside a 50-pound weight limit, yet bicycles are permitted.

Transportation of cars:

For transporting a vehicle, online packaging websites permit examination cites from up to 12 transport services. UShip is another great alternative for finding a cheap rate. In any case, before picking a supplier, it’s a smart thought to look at them through online sites.

Pack Clothes with Care:

You can utilize polyvinyl mail packs on the off chance that you are shipping garments that weigh under 13 ounces. Anything over that, utilize a level rate box from the mail station. Try not to risk having the sack burst if you overload it. Envelop the whole sack by pressing the tape to verify it.

Weigh Books:

If you are sending a couple of books, the mail station offers a media rate that is generally low. As far as possible is 50 pounds and tapes are not permitted. For a container of books more than 50 and under 100 pounds, shipping using UPS, Greyhound Package Express or Busfreighter.com are your best choices.

Take the bus route:

An incredible alternative for sending vast or various shaped things is Package Express companies. They offer limits for students, military and veterans. In case you’re sending various boxes long separation or odd-formed things like vehicle parts, in any case, your most logical option is to book your shipment with package express companies.

Transportation can be a bit costly, and sometimes it’s hard to realize which elective is perfect. Despite the genuine delivery organizations — the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx — there are nontraditional ways to deal with convey that various people don’t consider. These tips can empower you to set aside additional money when sending anything.

Challenges Of Shipping To Few Countries

Transportation to nations, for example, China has transformed into somewhat less requesting because of various Chinese and worldwide delivery associations. Door-to-door delivery remains a troublesome and moderate procedure. For speedy services, you can pay a premium to courier service. As a couple of Asian nations are expansive, getting your bundle to remote zones or private networks can be a repetitive undertaking and following them will be a test as well.

Medical Devices:

Any bit of hardware or personal care item utilized by purchasers, medicinal expert, or pharmaceutical suppliers can’t be sent except if it meets certain prerequisites.


Cigars might be sent universally except if the nation you are transportation to forbids it.

Lithium Batteries:

Only lithium cells and batteries that are legitimately introduced in the gear they are expected to work might be sent globally or to APO/FPO/DPO areas if not limited or restricted by the goal nation. Lithium batteries stuffed with, yet not introduced in, hardware and lithium batteries sent separate from gear are denied. Harmed or recalled batteries are restricted and may not be sent universally under any conditions.


When sending medication or medications through the mail, the mailer is in charge of the accompanying:

  • Guaranteeing consistence with Postal Service guidelines, yet in addition with all other government laws and guidelines, for example, the Poison Prevention Packaging Act and the Consumer Product Safety Act, and with every neighborhood law and guidelines administering circulation of spontaneous examples.
  • Monitoring different attributes of an article or substance, for example, its combustible, poisonous quality, or destructive qualities that may influence mailability.


The time length relies upon the services asked for by the client and the pickup and delivery areas. The size and weight confinements of the parcel change starting with one transportation organization then onto the next. It likewise relies upon the services asked for by the customer and the goal of the shipment. Likewise, you don’t need to make a record for sending shipments starting with one spot then onto the next spot locally and globally. In any case, you send distributes globally, it is fitting to have one for better checking of item shipment or sending a letter.

Every one of the previously mentioned transporting strategies thinks of extraordinary advantages. A decent combo of these transportation techniques can assist you with shipping your products safely to your prefered goal. Delivery rates make up the more noteworthy level of the absolute item landing expense. Along these lines, it is basic to keep the expense as low as could be allowed.

It’s tied in with making a harmony among expense and the time term of delivery of item. Picking the correct route in the wake of considering all the genuine circumstances can enable you to take essential choices for your business.

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