What is the Average Cost of a Wedding in USA?

So, you are taking the big step and making it official for others that you are tying the knot. The wedding is a special event and takes some planning and a lot of investment. In the USA, the cost of a wedding will vary depending on how much you can splurge; however, it is much cheaper in some states than others. For example, the average cost of a wedding in Mississippi would cost just over $12,000 to $14,000, but in New York, Manhattan it could cost nearly $90,000. That said, if you are getting married, then you should expect to spend around $33,000 on your wedding.

List Of Average Wedding Cost In Different States Of USA

In the USA, the average cost of a wedding is around $33,000 but, it will vary significantly depending on the state. Here, is the list of average wedding cost in different states of USA.

State Average Wedding Cost
Mississippi $12,700
Utah $13,300
Iowa $13,600
Texas (West Texas) $13,900
Nebraska $14,300
North Dakota $14,400
South Dakota $14,400
Idaho $15,200
Ohio (Toledo) $15,700
Oklahoma $16,400
Kentucky $17,300
New Mexico $18,400
Arkansas $18,500
Minnesota $19,000
Indiana $19,100
Alabama $19,200
Wisconsin $19,400
West Virginia $19,500
Missouri $19,800
Wyoming $19,800
Ohio (Cincinnati) $20,300
Ohio (Columbus) $21,400
Ohio (Cleveland) $21,700
Tennessee $22,200
Pennsylvania (Central) $24,900
Michigan $25,800
Oregon $25,900
Alaska $26,900
Washington $27,200
New York (Western/Central) $27,300
Texas (Austin/San Antonio) $27,700
North Carolina $27,800
Illinois $27,900
Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) $27,900
Virginia $28,500
Louisiana $28,800
Texas (Dallas) $28,800
Arizona $30,300
South Carolina $30,600
Georgia $31,000
Texas (Houston) $31,200
Colorado $31,400
New Hampshire $33,700
Maryland $35,200
Vermont $35,400
Maine $36,600
California (LA) $36,800
Pennsylvania (Lehigh Valley/Poconos) $37,400
Florida (Central) $37,800
Massachusetts $39,100
Pennsylvania (Philly) $40,300
New Jersey (South) $41,200
Nevada $41,500
Hawaii $43,700
Connecticut $43,900
Washington DC $44,800
New York (Westchester) $45,700
Rhode Island $45,700
California (Santa Barbara) $47,200
New Jersey (North and Central) $47,800
New York (Outer Boroughs) $48,800
New York (Long Island) $49,500
Florida (Southern) $51,000
New York (Manhattan) $88,100

Top 5 Most Expensive Parts of a Wedding

  • Reception Venue – 40% – $13,300 avg.
  • Engagement Ring – 17% – $5,500 avg.
  • Reception Band – 10% – $3,400 avg.
  • Photographer – 7% – $2,400 avg.
  • Ceremony Site – 5% – $1,790 avg.

01. Reception

  • Bar Service – Many would opt for an open bar service at the reception which would cost the couple between $1,800 to $3,000. Many also go for a cash bar, but we suggest to get cheaper drinks than to make your guests pay for their liquor.
  • Food Catering – A typical food cost will be around $30 per plate; so for 150 guests the catering cost would be $4,500 avg. If you want to splurge more, a fancy wedding catering would cost up to $100 per plate.
  • Rentals – In an average renting a wedding venue would cost your over $3,000. Additional equipment rentals such as chairs, tables etc would cost nearly $2,000 avg.

02. Engagement Ring 

Well, there’s no average value to an engagement ring; it basically depends on how much you are willing to spend. You could get diamond engagement ring at various cuts, shapes, sizes in varying price points from $150 to $1 million.

03. Band 

A reception band would definitely cost more than hiring a DJ for a night. Typically a reception band would cost $4,000 avg. and a DJ would cost you $1,500 avg. per night.

04. Photographer

For the last few years, wedding photography is on the rise. Couple are going for a more dramatic photoshoot by hiring a professional wedding photographer. Although it does cost quite a bit, couples don’t back out on this. In average a wedding photography would cost the couple around $2,800.

05. Ceremony Site

A traditional wedding ceremony in a church would cost your around $600 to accompany upto 200 guests. But, couples today are looking for a scenic locations and destination weddings and are willing to spend up to $2,000 avg. to an outdoor marriage in a scenic spot.

Top 5 Least-Expensive Part of a Wedding

  • Transportation – $700
  • Ceremony music – $600
  • Wedding cake – $540
  • Invitations – $440
  • Favors – $280

01. Transportation – Most weddings hire a limo or a bus to shuttle the party around before and after the ceremony. For a typical 3 hour bus ride along with driver’s tip would cost your around $700.

02. Ceremony Music – For a piece of classical ceremony music, hiring musicians will cost you nearly $600 for the ceremony.

03. Wedding Cake – The average expense is $4 per piece of the wedding cake; which will sum up to over $500 for a beautiful wedding cake presentation.

04. Invitations – A typical invitation cost is nearly $6 per invite and for fancier arrangements, it can go up to $15 per invite. Many, couples today opt for the electronic invitation by email or other web and mobile application.

05. Favors – Without cutting costs, wedding favors will cost your nearly $300.

Additional Costs in a Wedding

  • Wedding Planner – $1,900
  • Florist and Decor – $2,300
  • Videographer – $1,900
  • Wedding dress – $1,500
  • Groom’s attire – $300
  • Rehearsal dinner – $1,200
  • Makeup – $900
  • Officiant – $270

Complete Average Wedding Cost Breakdown for 2019

01. Wedding – $25,000 – $35,000

  • 50 guests – $9,000 – $15,000
  • 100 guests – $13,000 – $22,000
  • 200 guests – $21,000 – $35,000
  • 300 guests – $30,000 – $48,000
  • More than 300 guests – $60,000 – $100,000

02. Attire & Accessories

  • Dress accessories – $224 for average accessories; $500+ for designer accessories
  • Tuxedo accessories – $106 for average accessories; $200+ for designer accessories
  • Attire rent – $200 for average attire; $400+ for designer attire
  • Wedding dress – $1500 for average dress; $2400+ for designer dress

03. Beauty Makeup

  • Hair service – $67 for average service; $130+ for an experienced professional
  • Makeup service – $55 for average service; $100+ for an experienced professional
  • Manicure and Pedicure – $45 for average service; $90+ for an experienced professional

04. Entertainment

  • DJ/MC – $700 for average DJ; $1400+ for experienced DJ
  • Entertainment lighting – $330 for average lighting; $670+ for experienced professional
  • Live Band – $1700 for average band; $3400+ for experienced professionals
  • Soloist and Ensemble – $600 for average musician; $1200+ for experienced professionals

05. Flower Decor

  • Bouquets – $330 for average bouquets; $670+ for custom bouquets
  • Boutonnieres, Corsages – $140 for average corsages; $300+ for custom corsages
  • Event decoration – $440 for average decoration; $890+ for unique and custom decoration
  • Event Flowers & Arrangements – $600 for average arrangements; $1200+ for custom arrangements
  • Table centerpieces – $300 for average centerpieces; $650+ for custom items

06. Gifts and Favors

  • For attendants – $100 average items; $200+ for designer or custom items
  • For parents – $120 average items; $240+ for designer or custom items
  • Tips for services – $380 average total
  • Wedding favors – $230 average items; $470 for designer or custom items

07. Invitation

  • Ceremony programs – $120 average cost; $250+ custom price
  • Engagement announcement – $100 average cost; $210+ custom price
  • Guest Book – $60 average cost; $120 for customization
  • Invitation and Reply cards – $220 average cost; $450 for customization
  • Postage – $100 average cost; $210+ for customization
  • Reception menu – $120 average cost; $250+ for customization
  • Save-the-Date Cards – $110 average cost; $220+ for customization
  • Table place cards – $80 average cost; $170+ for customization
  • Thank You cards – $90 average cost; $180+ for custom cards

08. Jewelry

  • Bracelet – $170 average cost; $340+ for designer label
  • Earrings – $150 average cost; $300+ for designer label
  • Engagement ring – $3400 average cost; $6800+ for designer label
  • Necklace – $200 average cost; $400+ for designer label
  • Wedding ring/band for HER – $780 average cost; $1500+ for designer label
  • Wedding ring/band for HIM – $450 average cost; $900+ for designer label

09. Photography & Videography

  • Digital or Photo CD – $290 average cost; $580 for customized service
  • Engagement Session – $390 average cost; $790+ for experienced professional
  • Photo Booth – $370 average cost; $750+ for experienced professional
  • Prints or Enlargements – $230 average cost; $470+ for customized option
  • Wedding album – $400 average cost; $830+ for customization
  • Wedding Photographer – $1600 average cost; $3200+ for experienced professional
  • Wedding Videographer – $1000 average cost; $2100+ for experienced professional

10. Planner

  • A La Carte Services – $940 average cost; $1800+ for experienced professional
  • Day of Coordinator – $800 average cost; $1600+ for experienced professional
  • For Getting Started – $870 average cost; $1700+ for experienced professional
  • Full Service – $2700 average cost; $5500+ for experienced professional
  • Month of Direction – $1000 average cost; $2100+ for experienced professional

11. Venue, Catering & Rentals

  • Officiator – $210 average cost; $420+ for experienced professional
  • Event Accessories – $320 average cost; $650+ for customized items
  • Bar Service – $2300 average cost; $4700+ for experienced professional
  • Food Service – $4600 average cost; $9300+ for experienced professional
  • Event Location – $3600 average cost; $7200+ for popular and trendy location
  • Rentals – $1700 average cost; $3400+ for customized items
  • Hotel Room for After Reception – $310 average cost; $630+ for popular location
  • Limo Rental – $480 average cost; $960+ for experienced professional
  • Other Transportation – $510 average cost; $1030+ for experienced professional
  • Rehearsal Dinner – $570 average cost; $1100+ for experienced professional
  • Wedding Cake/dessert – $410 average cost; $830 for custom order

Here’s a Traditional Wedding Cost Split

Bride’s family used to pay for 44.5% of the cost

  • Reception, food, drinks, music and wedding cake
  • Wedding ceremony including decor
  • Wedding gown
  • Photographer and videographer
  • Limo and other transportation

Groom’s family used to pay for 12.7 of the cost

  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Wedding gifts for both bride and groom

Bride pays for 20% of the cost

  • Wedding ring/band/gifts for the groom
  • Hairstyling and makeup
  • Wedding gifts for bridesmaids

Groom pays for 22.8% of the cost

  • Marriage license
  • Bride’s engagement ring
  • Honeymoon
  • Wedding gift for groomsmen
  • Officiant’s fee

How to Save Money on Your Wedding?

There are a few way to reduce you wedding cost, but the most crucial part is taking the time to plan ahead. A proper planning will keep your wedding under budget without any last-minute budget blowout. To be honest, you can splurge on a lot of stuff you like and still keep the wedding cost within your budget by reducing on other aspects. Here are a few ways you can save money on your wedding.

01. Arrange Buffet

Instead of opting for the traditional three-course or four-course sit-down dinners served by waitstaff, you should move to the buffet. Buffet over a sit down meal will save you hundreds of dollars, which you can use to upgrade you menu or just save it for yourself. You could also consider station meals, especially if it’s a midday wedding ceremony. You can serve a variety of hors d’oeuvres instead of a meal. The average meal per guest would be nearly $35 – $40 and by giving hors d’oeuvres the average cost of meal per guest will come down to $22. For 150 guests, you can save up to $3000.

02. Avoid Peak Seasons

The peak time or the wedding season in general begins in late spring and continuous till early fall. The weddings peak during June and September, when renting a wedding venue is pretty expensive. Winter is generally cheaper but December will be expensive as most of the event celebration happen during this month. Moreover, wedding reception cost rise on weekends, especially on Saturdays. Any other day during an off-season in March or November will save you 30% of your expected wedding cost.

03. Check For Hourly Rates Or Get Bids

There are several website that will let you list your event and photographers and DJs will bid their price, where you pick the suitable one. This way, you will not have to visit multiple professionals and check their work and rates to decide for your wedding. Moreover, you can also opt for photographers and DJs who provide services on an hourly basis. Instead of day rates or flat fees, opting for an hourly service would be much cheaper. If you fix your wedding on an off-season months, it will be even cheaper.

04. Ask Your Friends

You may have friends who are musicians, singers, photographer or videographers; taking their help on your wedding will save you a ton of money. You can even ask your creative friends to design the space so that you don’t have to hire decor services. Consider all, it is safe to say that you could around $5000 if you don’t hire professionals.

05. Ceremony And Reception At The Same Venue

Having your ceremony and reception in a separate spot will cost you more than having it at the same place. It will help your negotiate your cost better and even get a discount on your reception event.

06. Ditch the Traditional Way

Traditional style wedding is expensive, especially with the sit-down dinner, wedding on Saturday, big wedding party, fancy venue etc. will quickly add up to your wedding cost. Today couples are opting to have their wedding in an off-beat place, with a small gathering, without any fancy accessories or such. Plus, couples are moving from three-course meal to buffet to reduce cost. Simply by having your wedding during the off-season will reduce thrice the wedding cost.

07. Go for a Simple Invitation

Many couples splurge too much on the invitation by paying a premium for custom calligraphy, gold engraving, custom-designed envelopes, ribbons and embossing. Couple literally spend thousands just to get a unique design for their invitation. To reduce cost, you should opt for simple designs; there are many pre-designed templates available on the internet. Moreover, many opt for digital invitation only through email or other web and mobile application.

08. Invite fewer people

Many couples opt for a more private wedding, where they invite only their close relatives and friends. This not only reduces cost but also makes for a special wedding. The average reception cost per guest is nearly $70; so, simply by reducing your guest list by 10 you will save $700.


A wedding is a special event and should be a memorable one. If you can’t keep your wedding under budget, it will quickly become a headache than a memorable day. We suggest, you should start planning for your wedding 6 months before your wedding date. Don’t splurge too much on unnecessary things like the custom invitation, professional DJ, custom decor etc. instead, you can save that money for yourself or use it to make sure that your guest had a good time.

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