How much does a Meat Grinder cost

If you are meat lover and you have to grind meat regularly for preparing different types of mouth watering dishes, then you must need a meat grinder in your kitchen. If you are searching for how much does a meat grinder cost, then we have a solution for you. You can expect to pay less for a household meat grinder compared to one that is meant for commercial usage.

In this article, we have discussed various features of a good meat grinder along with their cost. You can go through the article to have a brief idea about how much does a meat grinder cost.

What is a meat grinder?

Meat grinders are the machines that we use to mince the meat with less effort and time. The meat grinders are simple to use, and are helpful in grinding your own beef, pork, or chicken and curing your own meat.

Meat grinders are used in every household, butcher shop, and restaurants. The price of meat grinders vary according to the power, capacity, versatility, attachments and design. If you want a meat grinder for household use, then you can go for a low budget meat grinder that can provide you with excellent service. Similarly, you can choose an expensive, powerful, and high capacity meat grinder for your butcher shop or restaurant. There are also meat grinders available for small-scale companies.

Features of a meat grinder

The parts of a meat grinder are almost same; be it the old manual meat grinder or the new electric meat grinder. However, they may vary in size and capacity. The meat grinders that come assembled are easier to operate than the models that need assembling. You can use an assembled one conveniently by simply following the user guide that comes with the meat grinder.

The meat grinder features a funnel or a tray on top of it where you will put the meat you want to mince.

Below the funnel there is a horizontal conveyer known as the head of the meat grinder. You can find this part in both old and new meat grinders.

Inside the head of a meat grinder there is an auger. The auger is attached with a washer to support it inside the head. There is a screw in front of the auger to support the blade on top of the auger.

The size and shape of the blade may vary from one model to other. But the shape of the blade should be enough to mince even the frozen meats. The grinder plate slides on top of the blade through which the meats comes out minced.

The minimum difference between the head and the plate should be 1/8-inch to support meat mincing. The meat grinder that is made of aluminium is the best one for your requirement. But the plate and blades should use stainless steel to prevent rust.

Cost of a meat grinder

Usually, the meat grinders cost somewhere around $40 to $1000. The cost varies depending on the need and amount of work required to be done by the meat grinder. The size and features also determine the price of the meat grinder.  Big size meat grinder can cost more than the small size meat grinders.

The cost also varies depending on where you are using it. If you are using a meat grinder for commercial use then it has to do a lot of grinding. Hence, you may require a high-end meat grinder to fulfil your need. But if you are using it for your kitchen, then you may expect to spend $40-$250 for a low-end household model.

Cost of a Manual meat grinder

An old meat grinder is the manual grinders that people used earlier. They are hand-operated, hence the cost of these meat grinders are way too less than the electric ones.

An old meat grinder can cost you somewhere around $12 to $15, which is the starting price.  You can compare this price to the new ones that cost you around $50-$60. However, you can expect to pay a little high price if you are searching for antique or vintage ones. But still the price will be lower than the new high-end meat grinders available in the market these days.

Most of the manual meat grinders that cost $200 are used for commercial purposes. If you are buying a meat grinder for your restaurant or butcher shop, you can go for this model. If you want to purchase one for household usage then you need not spend so much on them.

Manual meat grinders are durable and do not make big holes in your pockets. Hence, they have been serving the restaurants and butcher shops since ages. People who prefer to go for traditional grinding can purchase the best quality meat grinders at $150 for household purpose that will last for really a long period of time.

Different Meat Grinders and Their features

Meat Grinders at $40 to $100:

Meat grinders that you purchase at $40 to $100 are ideal for any household usage. These are perfect for beginners who recently have started mincing meat at home.

Those meat grinders can effortlessly grind the meat including other food items like bones, fruits, and veggies. A few manufacturers offer meat grinders at low cost that are capable grinding bones, vegetables, and fruits. However, you may expect little less quality in these models.

If you do not eat meat very often or if you do not use meat grinders too often then you may go for the lower models. These are cost effective and serve your purpose as well.

Meat Grinders at $200 to $300:

Meat grinders that come in the price range of $200 and $300 are commonly used for commercial purpose in small-scale businesses. Butchers and restaurants can also use them conveniently. Those meat grinders are usually used for grinding thin bones, preparing sausages, preparing pasta, and grinding grains.

If you belong to really a big family and you have to prepare a lot of meat regularly, then you can go for meat grinders in the range $100 and above for effortless meat mincing and grinding. Remember small meat grinders may not give similar service as big size and powerful meat grinders.

The experts may go for higher models as they can easily mince and grind meat with the help of these meat grinders. But the beginners should not buy a high-end machine unless they are well trained and have a good knowledge of these machines.

Meat Grinders that Are More than $800:

Meat grinders that cost above $800 are mainly electric meat grinders, which we use for heavy commercial uses. Those meat grinders are not suitable for home kitchens.

Heavy-duty powerful electric meat grinders do the job effortlessly and can grind a lot of quantity in less time. This kind of meat grinders also do not get rust or damaged easily. These meat grinders require less manual support and are capable of doing excellent work than a modern electric meat grinder.

These types of meat grinders are capable of grinding meat along with the bones. We can find expensive meat grinders in the human food industry and pet food industry to produce a tremendous amount in less time.

Final Words

The bottom line is the cost of the meat grinder depends on purpose of the meat grinder. If you are using it for a household kitchen, you may expect to pay less. Similarly, if you are purchasing it for a commercial usage then it may be really expensive to you.

If you want a cost effective meat grinder, then you can also purchase the old manual models that will save your money giving you excellent results. However, it requires a lot of labour to mince meat in the manual models.

If you have a big family and everybody in your home loves to have meat in a regular basis, then you should go for high-end electric ones that will save your time and give you excellent results with minimum efforts.

If you have a small family but you have to rush to office early in the morning, then also you can go for high-end electric meat grinders that will save a lot of time. You can use electric meat grinders for grinding, chopping, juicing, sausage preparation, pasta preparation, and for grinding grains and nuts. The cost of these meat grinders that comes with power, capacity, attachments and durable parts will be pricier than the less powerful ones.

So, it completely depends on your requirements that decide the cost of a meat grinder. You can thoroughly check the dimensions and the capacity before purchasing one for you.

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